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Youth start-up seminar in Birmingham

We were delighted to attend the start-up seminar for our Youth Project, Youth-Police Dialogue Exchange, earlier this month. Run by our funders, the Erasmus+ UK National Agency, the seminar was an opportunity to discuss some of the contractual requirements of the project, as well as to meet other organisations who received Youth funding this year. As our first ever Youth project, we were keen to hear from other organisations about their previous experiences. There was also an interactive quiz throughout the session to test our knowledge of the Youth programme. We narrowly lost out on a prize, coming in at third place!

We are now in the throes of planning our project and our meeting with our project partners to plan the activities during the youth exchanges. As well as structured dialogues with police in London and Marseilles, the exchanges will include a number of team-building and knowledge-sharing activities including sports, cooking workshops, and film projects.

Watch this space for more updates about our project over the coming months!

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